When it comes to editing tags I usually wait for RoflcoptrException to be in the chat and I ping him directly. In case I know he's on holiday I open a meta thread every time I see a tag that should be renamed. I'm not sure this is the most efficient workflow, for a number of reasons.

How about compiling a list of tags to be renamed to make it easier for the mods?

Below is a community wiki answer to be edited by adding the tags to be renamed and the edit status. The mods can then monitor the post for edits and act accordingly.


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Mark the tags to be renamed below.

  • The html arrow symbol ⇒ denotes renaming operations
  • The html arrow symbol ← denotes synonym-creation operations

Once done, mark the renamed tags using the html tick ✔ using the following html code:


Old name - New Name - Status

Synonym Target - Origin - Status


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