Not a particularly serious discussion but I think it should be fun. Does anyone have name suggestions for Travel.SE's chat room? 'Travel' sounds meh. For example, Writers.SE call theirs The Overlook Hotel, Superuser call theirs Root Access.

  • I'm thinking something like what the airlines call their special lounges for frequent fliers. But I don't know them off the top of my head... Sep 2 '11 at 21:54
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    Too bad some good ones are already taken such as "Footprints", "Let's Go", and the very poetic "Lonely Planet". Sep 5 '11 at 8:52
  • 1
    Others such as "On The Road" and "Off the Beaten Track" might be regarded as already taken...? Sep 5 '11 at 10:49

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Here's one we should all be familiar with from staring at helpful tourist maps anywhere in the world:

You Are Here

  • this is looking like the popular one at present...
    – Mark Mayo
    Sep 26 '11 at 1:44
  • I was thinking so too but still only by one vote. Should we give ourselves a deadline and if there is a clear winner at that point go with it? Say one week? Sep 26 '11 at 5:32
  • Perhaps a new thread with the top 10 candidates, and people can comment with their first and second preferences. Once we have more than say 15 people comment, we should have a winner?
    – Mark Mayo
    Sep 26 '11 at 9:58
  • Yes I was thinking about that too. Maybe we can ask people to vote up the question, or add a comment, as a way of tracking how many people bothered to vote. It's a shame we can't put a bounty on meta questions (-: I say just go for it on your own or among your fellow diamonds. Sep 26 '11 at 10:11

Since there's still no clear winner I thought up some more:

Bon Voyage


Or if you didn't like the others how about:

In Transit

  • This one sounds the best of all...
    – Ankur Banerjee Mod
    Sep 3 '11 at 15:41

Since there's still no clear winner I thought up some more:



Another one to consider:



How about:

The Transit Lounge


One with an older train/ship feel, but possibly a bit cliched:

All Aboard!


Or how about:

Departure Lounge


Since there's still no clear winner I thought up some more:

Itchy Feet


And a Simpson's inspired one:

Are We There Yet?


Suddenly had this idea of remote places and the one most often cited as being waaay out there - Timbuktu !

  • Or a variant like Timbuktu to Kalamazoo, from perhaps Dr Seuss? Sep 9 '11 at 14:20
  • I thought of this theme too but not this example. Mine all sounded too Australia specific: Beyong the Black Stump, The Back of Beyond, Woop Woop so I went with Middle of Nowhere instead. Should I bring in any of those others though? Sep 9 '11 at 14:21

The Tourist Trap!

Seemed to emerge in my head while thinking about this in my sleep (-:

  • I loved the irony but I suppose some take the negative implication too seriously... Sep 3 '11 at 12:31

OK one more answer from me:

Small World

or some variant thereof


Here's one more which is kind of "listy" in some slight way like a logged chatroom and also travelish:

The Itinerary


How about:

The Middle of Nowhere


The Travellers' Lounge

Pit Stop

Watering Hole


There doesn't seem to be any standard or obvious "travel + meeting" metaphor but there are places where we at least crowd around...

Baggage Carousel


One that emerged after a random, random discussion in the chat room:

There and Back


Another one that I thought of after thinking about where I get most of my information while travelling:

The Common Room

  • I kept thinking of this one too but always thought too many people wouldn't grok it. Sep 21 '11 at 7:59

More from me all variations on a theme:

The Way

The Route

En Route

On the Way


I tried to think of some "room" related ones that are also travel-related:

The Map Room

The Chart Room


I didn't want to submit more suggestions but just now I realized nobody mentioned this classic:

The Travel Bug


Here's a couple of international destinations famous for being totally overrun by tourists:

  • Freak Street (Street in Kathmandu, Nepal named after the hippies in the 60s that got there by the hippie trail)
  • Khaosan Road (Current hub in Bangkok for years of tourists entering, leaving, or just stuck permanently in Southeast Asia)

And what about:

Customs & Immigration


And then there's Stop Over or Lay Over.


The Last Homely House


How about The Spanish Steps?

(A large staircase in Rome permanently occupied by hoards of travelers hanging out)

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