With over 1,500 tags (SEDE shows 1.3k, and for Mathematics, with 360k questions, 1.1k tags) I find it difficult to know what tags (if any!) to add to a post tagged with only one or two of these and certainly have no feel for which suit best (eg and/or ?)

I would expect continued significant growth (relative to some other SE sites) in their numbers due to TSE’s nature. For reference purposes, it might be helpful to classify these tags in some way additional to popular, name and new. There may be some discernible themes, perhaps:

Place of Interest

Requiring classification of tags as well as questions may be excessive but something that enabled users to group these for themselves might be appreciated or even just a convenient means to download details might be useful.

For example, is there already a tag for Den Haag, and if so under D or T or H or elsewhere? And if not, what are the nearest alternatives that might serve adequately?

Indeed, does such a facility already exist?

Or is this mere pie in the sky?

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Stack Exchange founder Jeff Atwood expressed a very strong dislike of any kind of tag hierarchy, e.g.

I can't find a citation against a flat classification of tags, but no, that doesn't exist either. There's no significant proposal for that that I know of even on Stack Overflow, which has more than 20 times as many tags as we do.

I don't see the point in classifying tags anyway, except for a sociological or information science analysis. How would it help us for the day-to-day business of tagging and searching?


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