Our Travel Stackexchange twitter account - @stacktravel tweets out questions with the used tags on the questions.

Some of the tags we use are not very common on twitter, especially among the travel writers / tweeters.

It makes so much sense to add #travel onto each tweet, if there's space, that it'd get seen a lot more. (I'd almost suggest other event ones like #ttot and #tni but that's sort of hijacking their convos ;))

However, #travel would get a lot more of these travel questions seen.

Also: note that you can see the historical stats of this account by checking twittercounter.com.


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The way our system is designed, the only easy way for us to do this is to replace the question tags with #travel. However, looking at the current status of the current top @stacktravel hashtags (#customsandimmigration, #insurance, #visas) it doesn't seem like they're really very valuable. So, okay! I'll get this enabled for you soon.

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