We have a ton of questions regarding SIM cards, how to buy and activate one upon arrival in a new country, etc.

About half of the new ones get marked as duplicate, and the other half are nearly duplicates, except they ask about a new region.

Would it be wise to create a master "SIM Card" question, with links to all the others? I envision something such as:


United Kingdom


etc, etc

As new non-duplicate questions are asked, they can be added to the accepted Comunity-Wiki answer.

Is this a good idea? Would it serve better than the existing search function (MHO, yes, it would--else I wouldn't make this suggestion).

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I'd rather mark questions aggressively as duplicate (and encourage people to find duplicates and flag them as so) whenever a new one is asked. A single question with separate countries would be too unwieldy (there are more than 180 countries).

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  • Perhaps additionally tagging these questions consistently would help? (I notice the 'simcards' tag has only 2 questions, and 'cellphones' is perhaps too brad?) – Flimzy Nov 2 '13 at 14:46
  • @Flimzy Good point about the simcards tag, might need a retagging effort. – Ankur Banerjee Nov 3 '13 at 0:57
  • It looks like the 'simcards' tag is a synonym to 'cellphones', but due to a probable bug, it shows up separately in the list of tags, with a 'x 2'. I might propose un-aliasing it, or coming up with a new tag for sim-card questions... – Flimzy Nov 3 '13 at 21:34

I totally support the idea, a wiki with links to different questions will make it simpler even if we want to mark new questions as duplicate. If you ever start making such a post I will help you in adding the links.

For those who think this idea is bad, SO has some nice community wikis full with links to serve similar purposes.

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