I've noticed two singular tags lately. One has a bit of usage and the other is brand new:

I know "Muslim" works as noun and adjective but it just doesn't feel right. Would muslims or islam work any better as tags? Or any other suggestions?

cigar-bar doesn't strike me as a good tag in any case. It's too specialized to get much use and too similar to other things to need to separate. Merge into food-and-drink or some other tag? Or just re-tag that question?

If you're willing to fight and die to keep it, at least let's make it plural please cigar-bars (-;

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is now a synonym of

is a synonym of now (I agree cigar-bar as a standalone tag is not good.)


should go. Better make it a synonym to , which should be sufficient. Cigar bars.. not sure. Perhaps would be a better fit?

  • Yes I wasn't sure if people also go to cigar bars in the day? I did also think muslim might work as part of a broader religion tag. But we have good islam-specific questions and considering that people think languages should have individual tags here I would be surprised if they also wanted to group all religions together \-: Commented Nov 14, 2012 at 11:00

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